Group & Corporate Training

Group and corporate training provide an excellent way to build trust, team building, and bond with your group and/or employees. Designed for groups with multiple skill levels, this course is perfect for developing leadership, teamwork, and team problem-solving skills, as well as developing a crucial skill set. it’s also a lot of fun.

The course will be a minimum of 2 days. As with every class, we will teach (but not limited to) firearm safety, firearms marksmanship fundamentals, and safe handling. The course will also consist of holster drawing, reloads, malfunction drills, static and moving shooting drills. Courses can be just pistol, or combination of pistol, shotgun, and rifle, even more fun! The course will also employ several friendly competition drills to develop those team-building skills, as well as receive incredible memories of your training with your team!

Depending on the number of participants, there will be an adequate ratio of professional instructors to ensure a safe training environment at the range. These instructors (who have been there, and done that!) are there to guide you through some excellent training and answer any questions you may have. Their valuable knowledge is derived from real-world experiences in their military, law enforcement, and civilian careers.

Participants are encouraged to bring their personal firearms and gear to the range, along with the weapons the course provides. Ear and eye protection, as well as lunch and refreshments can be provided.

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